Documentation department
IRC has Documentation department, which includes a library, paper-office, and video-records.
Here we take measures to studying the torture and violence related problems in our society.
The materials collected and processed by Documentation department serve public information about cases of abuse and gross violations of fundamental human rights.
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Whom we help
Support for victims of National Socialism
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How find us
Torture and killing of civilians
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Helping people who have survived torture and cruelty 
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For refugees and asylum seekers
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Helping the elderly in wartime 
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How to overcome anxiety during war. Tips from psychologists
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How Kyiv lived under the Russian siege.
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Current medical records of patients are stored in Documentation department also.
Patients of IRC should never fear of disclosing the information. All personal data of our clients is confidential (all medical forms contain just code. Keys and personal data stored in safe-deposit).
Your data cannot be disclosed without your written consent.
Fundamental international documents:

•  UN Convention against Torture

•  European Convention on Human Rights

•  European Convention for the Prevention of Tortures
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