How can you get to Center
Before visiting our office, please contact us by the following phone numbers.

By subway
“Heroyiv Dnipra” Station (you’d must take a last railcar) exit #4.
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I met the most famous bomb-sniffing dog in Ukraine.
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Whom we help
Support for victims of National Socialism
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How find us
Torture and killing of civilians
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Helping people who have survived torture and cruelty 
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For refugees and asylum seekers
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Helping the elderly in wartime 
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Important information during the war  read more >>>
How to overcome anxiety during war. Tips from psychologists
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How Kyiv lived under the Russian siege.
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IRC | 20, Heroiv Dnipra str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 04209 |
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Then go 3 minutes down the Heroyiv Dnipra Street (our office is situated opposite across through a street from “Velmart” supermarket).
Address IRC: 20, Heroiv Dnipra str., Kyiv, Ukraine.

1st floor of 9-storey residential building, green facade with black metal fence - a seperate entrance between the front doors of a building.
By car
From “Petrivka” subway station: Bogatyrska str. -> Heroyiv Dnipra str. -> see a map.
From Moskovskiy bridge: Heroyiv Stalingrada str. -> Tymoshenko str. -> Zoyi Gayday str. -> Heroyiv Dnipra str. -> see a map.
From Sevchenko square: Poliarna str. -> Heroyiv Dnipra str. -> see a map.
From Obolonskiy avenue: Tymoshenko str. -> Zoyi Gayday str. -> Heroyiv Dnipra str. -> see a map.

Stopover to IRC from the street Heroiv of Dnipra: front one-story building number 18 ("Pharmacy" and "Veterinary hospital") turn on the right into the yard, then - see. a map.
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