The history of volunteering in Ukraine has more than one hundred
years. The first national volunteers were representatives of the Red
Cross, who organized voluntary group of Sister of Charity to work in
hospitals for the poor people.
In its primary essence the concept of "volunteering" come to us
along with the words "civil society," "democracy," "social
Volunteering - is the foundation of civil society. Its hard to
imagine NGOs and charity in general without the participation of
volunteers. Public control over the authorities and business is also
impossible without volunteers who make significant contribution in
building the society. Volunteering is the way of solving the social
problems and its your chance to make the modern world a bit
better than it is.

Legal basis for volunteering

" The Constitution of Ukraine.

" Law of Ukraine "On Social Services": "Volunteer - a natural
person who willfully makes a charitable, non-profit and
motivated activity that has socially useful nature".

" Law of Ukraine "On volunteering": "Volunteering is selfless,
socially-oriented, non-profit activities carried out by volunteers
and voluntary organizations by way of providing volunteer

Volunteers of social service

There are very specific categories of persons among patients of
IRC: former political prisoners of Stalin and Brezhniv regimes;
captives of WW II, former prisoners including minors of Nazi
detention camp, victims of war and totalitarian regimes, lonely
elderly people of poorest and most vulnerable strata of society, and
others. They need special treatment and specific assistance.
We invite for volunteering in IRC full-aged individuals with any
education who want to render social services.
Main responsibilities of volunteers: assistance in housekeeping,
going shopping, following clients to IRC or other medical facilities,
carrying out of various requests, communication with clients,
psychological support.

We can provide volunteers with work clothes, tools and other
means for fulfillment of different kind of work.
Also, we can make compensation of expenses for commuting and

Volunteers of professionals

IRC needs professional volunteers of the following qualification:

Medical psychologist

Everyone who wants to participate in rendering the generous
assistance to patients of our Centre (they undoubtedly deserve
your sympathy and support), please contact us by the phone
numbers listed here.

We would appreciate your any help.

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There are volunteers from Ukraine and from abroad. More than 10 years we work with young volunteers from Germany of the ASF organization. Nevertheless, we need more volunteers to help us.
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret  Mead
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